We use peat free pots for the veg and herb transplants if at all possible, others (slower growing plants) are in recycled black plastic, which you are welcome to return if the plant came from here originally. We are also trialling some ochre coloured pots (made from grain husks) which may prove to be sufficiently durable...there is no easy answer, but we are working on solutions!

Our Plant Nursery

From late March until October, we have an ever-increasing range of plants, all grown here in peat free, certified organic compost.
*Spring bulbs,
*Wild flowers and plants for pollinators
*Veg transplants such as tomatoes, beans and peas, courgettes, kales and salad leaves (many are unusual or heritage varieties)
*Perennial vegetables such as globe artichokes, cardoons, rhubarb, perennial kale
*Herbs for cooking and herbs for healing
*Annual flowers such as sweet peas (chosen for their scent)
*Good perennials and grasses for your garden
*Succulents and alpines
and hopefully, a few things that you won't find anywhere else!