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What’s in the box? A good selection of vegetables, salad and some fruit. Everything is organically grown and as much as possible from our own farm and other Scottish farms. Produce is seasonal, so you’ll get more beans & salads in the summer, apples in the autumn and leeks and root veg. in the winter. However, our own experience from running a shop tells us that everyone likes variety, so we do include a certain amount of imported produce, such as celery, tomatoes and peppers, especially over the winter months. If you have any particular dislikes (e.g. Brussel sprouts!) let us know and we will substitute with another vegetable.

Where and when we deliver. Wednesdays to North & East Fife including Leven and Markinch. Thursday to South & West  Fife, Kinross & Milnathort. Broadly speaking we go clockwise around each area starting around 8am. We can’t be any more accurate with timings as the run is constantly changing. If you’re likely to be out please tell us where to leave the box and where to find the payment.

Price: £15, this includes delivery. It's usually cash or cheque on delivery. If you’re going to be out, arrange with Ralph a suitable hiding place. There is a £1 discount per box if you buy more than one delivered to the same address (i.e. £28 for 2 boxes, £42 for 3…). If you would like to pay by bankers standing order (not building societies; they don’t do weekly payments) ask us for a form to fill in and we’ll post it out to you. There is a £1 discount for paying by S.O.; i.e. it’s £14 a week.

How to get started. Phone Ralph on 07858 076801 (or the farm on 01337 857749 and leave a message )and he’ll ask you all the right questions. Alternatively email with your address and contact details, when you want to start and so on. We’ll email you back with a confirmation and any queries. You could of course use the postal service if you prefer…… Pillars of Hercules, Falkland, Fife KY15 7AD

Cancelling a Delivery. Please give us at least 24 hours notice if you don’t need your weekly box. Call Ralph 07858 076801 or email

Cancelling the service. Please let us know by email or telephone Ralph.