How many people does the box feed?  Well it depends on how much you eat of course, but most customers find one box a week is enough. Leafy vegetables will not always keep a whole week even in a fridge, so you may have to top up. A common 'complaint' is that there is too much in the box-slightly galling to be hoisted on our own petard of generosity. 

What's in the box?  We try to provide a good variety all year. Potatoes, carrots & onions are staples. One sort of fruit usually and then whatever else we feels makes up a decent selection of vegetables. We try to supply as much of our own grown produce as possible during the season-salad, cucumber,beans, celery, beetroot, and courgettes are some of our favourites.  In the winter months we supplement our own produce (such as kale, leeks, neeps &tatties)  with bought in vegetables so as to provide a good selection. All the produce is certified organic.

What if I'm out when you deliver?  No problem - just tell us where to leave a box (somewhere dry) - shed, porch, neighbour, under a plastic box, wherever. You can leave a cheque there too.

What if I don't like some vegetables?  Well, possibly this isn't for you. The economics of this service rely on us being able to put together lots of identical boxes. However, we do try to vary the box contents week to week.  Curry spices were invented to solve this problem (my thesis).     

Veg box delivery service

If you eat vegetables, live in Fife and can find £15 a week (or £14 paid by standing order) then we're in business.  We have 2 regular delivery days. Wednesday is north and east Fife and Thursday we deliver to south and west Fife. If you wish to order a box please email: or telephone the office 01337 857749 (9-4 Tuesday -Saturday)

Meantime here's some (too) Frequently Asked Questions (with approximate answers) below.